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What Our Customers Are Saying

I was recently the victim of a package theft that occurred when a delivery company left a valuable item on my front porch while I was away from home in the middle of the day. With the surge in online retail in recent years, front porch package theft has become almost commonplace. However, with GoBoxGo I am afforded a peace of mind in knowing that anything that I purchase online will arrive at a secure location and will be signed for and stored by my GoBoxGo delivery host. I only hope that more online retailers will offer this service to their customers.

Ken Hollenbeck

San Francisco, California
My family and I make dozens of online purchases every month that arrive through the postal service, FedEx and UPS. I simply have all of my items shipped to my delivery host, Ana, who lives only 5 blocks from me.

Allison Rivera

Miami, Florida

Kevin Walker

Houston, Texas
I am rarely at home, so its always an issue for me to have to wait around for important packages to arrive. With GoBoxGo I am able to have a dedicated delivery host receive my packages for me, which gives me a greater level of freedom.