Frequently Asked Questions

GoBoxGo is a start-up business created by University of Miami graduate students, Ken and Brian.

The business idea started after Ken ordered several text books from Amazon. When he arrived home, he noticed that the books were ruined by rain after being placed outside his home by the delivery driver. Later that same year, Ken’s boss showed him a security camera video of packages being stolen from his front door…Light bulb!

GoBoxGo is an online marketplace that prevents package theft by providing a network of secure shipping addresses.

Easy, find your nearest GoBoxGo host by typing your zipcode. Select your favorite host and use her/his home address to ship your packages. Then stop by your GoBoxGo host, at your convenience, to pick up your package(s) once it has arrived.

You can select any GoBoxGo host near your home, your job or near your traveling destination.
Whichever is the most convenient to you.

Our rates are $9.99 for any shipments under 30 lbs and $19.99 for shipments over 30 lbs, up to 80 lbs.
Please contact us if you need to ship anything heavier than 80 lbs.

The host will hold the package(s) for 30 days.

You only pay one time per shipment which can have multiples packages. However, you do have to pay multiple times for multiple shipments.

Right now we are only allowing shipments up to 80 lbs. If you need to ship heavier items, please contact us to arrange with host.

Unfortunately, not at this time.

At this time the packages are not insured. However, we encourage GoBoxGo customers to buy insurance through the online stores, shipping company or any other way possible.

Unfortunately, we only service the U.S., but our vision is to expand GoBoxGo globally. China here we come!

Simply click on the “Become a Host” front page link to sign up for free...Easy!

Yes! For the safety of our customers, we run a background check on all GoBoxGo hosts before they can join. The background check is run through a third party online company and is paid by GoBoxGo.

As a host, you earn 70% of every shipment you receive and GoBoxGo earns 30%. Meaning, as a host you earn $7.00 from every $9.99 payment option and $14.00 from every $19.99 payment option.

You earn money by simply staying home and waiting for the packages to arrive…sweet deal!

Simply use the “Request Feedback” section below and we will contact you ASAP!

  1. You forgot to retype your home address on the Google map section when creating the account.
    Simply sign back in to your host account. Go to your host "Dashboard". Click on "Settings" and retype your home address on the *Required fields that say "Enter Your Full Address.
  2. You left the payment information out.Sign in to your host account.
    Go to your dashboard and add your e-mail under PayPal or add your bank account number.
  3. You left other information out.Sign in to your host account.
    Go to your dashboard and fill out all the fields with missing information.
  4. I did everything and still can't see my account on the GOBOXGO website's front page?
    Close the website, refresh your browser and clear the cookies on your computer. Open again.
  5. I still can't see my account?Click on "Contact Us" at the bottom of the website.
    Send us a message with the problem and we will help you set up the account.

Request Feedback

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